About this fundraiser

I am in need of a reliable vehicle to utilize for work and family travel. I am a full time delivery driver and drive daily for work.  I am not able to get personal financing as I am working on my credit and gave the vehicle I had to my daughter who is making payments on it, which makes it harder for me to get financing. That one is almost paid off, but is still reflecting on my credit. I am a mom of 4 kids (2 adults, 1 teen who is almost an adult and a younger child in grade school) and have trouble financially keeping up with bills and paying for fuel for deliveries; but am managing to stay afloat. I am currently using a borrowed vehicle to continue to work and support my family, but need to get the vehicle back asap. I am keeping up with monthly bills and supporting my kids the best I can. I have had a long healing journey of mental health & physical health issues starting from childhood and continuing into adulthood. I am always fighting the battles, but the internal war continues on. I am asking for help if possible to help get me and family into a good reliable vehicle, that helps me to continually work and support us all. I do delivery driving as I am a full time provider for my youngest and am always readily available if anything arises. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you for your time and consideration God Bless!

Organized by

Liandra Borges

Twin Falls, ID, USA