About this fundraiser

I am attempting to raise this money so that I can get completely back on my feet. Self sufficiency is the ultimate goal. By the grace of God and with a lot of support from local social outreach programs I'm and happy and grateful to say that I am no longer experiencing homelessness. I was rescued and became part of the project roomkey-homekey-inside-safe initiative. Since being housed I have and am continually trying to grow and move forward with the end goal being completely self reliant again. I went back to school, with the help of homeboy industries, took a refresher.math course and took classes to become certified in photovoltaics (certs PVI, PVII, PVII) butwas sidelined by not having a vehicle to be able to get to the job sites. :( I shifted gears, not letting that stop me from trying, and started doing independent contracting work working as a handyman utilizing gig platforms like Angi and Jobber and task rabbit, craigslist, offerup jobs…I'm doibg my best, accepting as many jobs as i can that are within a 20 or so mile radius, but there is only so much i can do using a skateboard, the bus, trains to get around. Getting to each job is a job in and of itself and I find myself in a state of constant exhaustion and fatigue. It's hard to make ends meet when one expends that much time and energy, just getting to each $20-$60 (avg) gig. At best I can get 3 in a day (when that much work is available, lately it's been really slow and im struggling to get 2 or 3 jobs a WEEK). I need a car to get to more jobs, and be able to.perfom better at those jobs, and when it's slow like this I can continue my education and use it to get to night classes (also i intend to share it with my close friend who is also formally houseless, now in recovery, and in shared housing shes without a ride to get to her GED classes) were both good people trying to put the programs the taxpayers have so grciously funded to their best use. So that we never have to sleep outside again. And we hope that one day that hardship will be a distant memory and we can grow into a stable productive person who might be able to give back and help someone like us in the future. Anything helps and is highly appreciated. God bless. :) -Jacob.

Organized by

Jacob Slimp

Los Angeles, CA, USA