About this fundraiser

I have been away from my girls for to long. I came to Florida for a vacation and ended up going to prison for 3 years. My girls were supposed to be with my mom for a few weeks and it turned into a few years. I got pulled over without a Florida DL and had a small piece of medical marijuana in my pocket that I forgot was there. I got to the jail and since it was on my person I was charged with introduction of contraband. I was unaware of how the whole court process and everything went because I have never been charged before and with that being said I spent the next three and a half years in prison. Instead of fighting charges that I knew could possibly result in no jail time I was told to sign a plea bargain because I may get 5 years so I did and went straight from a jail that I shot at for a year and a half waiting for my court case to prison that I did two years. When I got out I was going to go straight back to California until they told me I was on probation for a year. With that being said I ended up being in Jacksonville homeless and with a felony charge which has made finding work very hard. I also had a new baby while here. I would like to go back to be with my other children who Ive struggled to maintain relationships with from across the United States. Thank you for taking time to read my story. I appreciate any help with getting me and my son toy other children.

Organized by

Erika Herrera

Jacksonville, FL, USA