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  • Update and Celebrate

    Things have been super busy. We have all of Dad’s things moved and in storage now.
    We decided on a location and time for his celebration of life and sent out all invites.
    On Sunday, March 17, 2024 family and close friends will be remembering Frank Downey (Dad) and the adventurous life he lived.

    We are still accepting donations to help cover future and current costs. We have been paying for things out of pocket and will continue to do so as required.

    With children of our own to care for financially it has caused some delays in coming together in memoriam to our Dad, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. But, we are so relieved to finally have the chance to do so.

    He is missed each and every day and loved beyond measure. There will never be another just like him.

    Update and Celebrate

About this fundraiser

Our family lost a special piece of us on Friday, January 26,2024. Our father, brother, friend and so much more passed away suddenly due to health complications.  Frank Downey( Martin Francis Downey) is loved beyond measure and will be missed more than could ever be expressed. 

Frank Downey had what you could call a passionate spirit. Whatever he did he did with his whole heart and soul. 

There is so much to say about him yet words do not seem enough. You could write countless books about this man, his many adventures and hobbies, his passions, his temper, his loves. He liked to live his life simply and yet was in his own way quite complex. 

He was a musician and an artist. He is well known for his devotion of all things guitar. He liked to craft guitars of his own made of wood and scraps. He spent countless hours meticulously crafting each piece. He was very proud of his many projects. 

He had a deep fondness for animals. For many years he volunteered with the animal shelters and the SPCA to bring aid and comfort to those needing it most. He is often remembered for raising a pet raccoon. There are cherished memories of him giving advice to his kids on how to best give the horses he worked with their pettings.  

There is so much more that could be said of him like his enthusiasm for tinkering on and fixing vehicles and motorcycles, his love of riding motorcycles, his knowledge about different parts of history, the love he had for his family no matter their differences, his penchant for collecting interesting items. But, how do you summarize a life? 

Frank leaves behind two daughters and a son. It was his wish to be placed after life with his first daughter who predeceased him. 

In order to fulfill his final wishes as well as grant him the dignity and respect he deserves we are hoping to raise funds to cover the costs of funeral expenses. Any and all donations are welcome. If you are family and/or wish to donate privately and are able to you can contact Rebecca Downey or Ravyn Lemieux. 



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