About this fundraiser

Hey guys my fiancé Josh and I as well as our cats Deimos, Oleander, and Safyre are facing eviction and are in a dire situation without gas or food. We have depleted all our resources on groceries, gas for interviews, cat supplies, and paying the electric bill. We have attended numerous interviews and finally secured a job at GE on Newbury Rd, but it won't start until the 18th for orientation. We have no one else to turn to for help and have even resorted to selling belongings. While we won't be able to prevent the eviction, any donations would be greatly appreciated. This support will help us stay fed and keep us together and off the streets until we can secure our first paycheck. I can provide proof of the eviction if needed. Thank you for considering helping us during this challenging time.

Organized by

Destiny Muniz

Louisville, KY, USA