About this fundraiser

Hello everyone!

I don't usually do this type of thing let alone as for help but I'm currently in a bind I'm behind on my rent payments by a lot and I honestly need help. I've applied for section 8 but that takes years to get. I'm currently waiting on my SSI to get fully finalized so I can have more income. I'm currently a full time student in college and working a part time job which doesn't pay well unfortunately but they're very flexible with my school schedule. I'm trying to not get evicted from my house. My landlord has been very understanding & very lenient, but I know eventually she will have to let me go and I don't need any more stress piled up on me right now. So hopefully I can meet my goal to pay off my rent I would really appreciate the help! Again I don't normally do this but I'm in desperate need now.


Organized by

Lachante Chesnutt

Butler, MO, USA