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10+ years studies for dentistry but after asfas adea calculation Scgpa felt by 0.03 in 2020, got ill 2016-2020, graduated in hospital settingswith lots of dedication and exercise, completed all requirement for the school at accredited programs and official institutions (all with faculty) from SU UCLA UCB UCSF UOP DACC FCC WVCC SJCC, attended all official preparatory classes that I could, due not being accepted in dental school during 2022and 2023 cycles worked for volunteering abroad,after completion resources felt to 0 and had to request repatriation loan of about 2000 9 months ago. Currently looking for jobs but have found none and have been sleeping on a bench in the mids of the road. Any help to continue forward would be greatly appreciated in advance, I also don't have a vehicle, anyone interested on donating their vehicle of work exchange would be appreciated. Also looking for work in the field and a couple to continue with life hv be stdstdyn 24/7 since and thinking on helping the family. Any dental association interested on this email please feel free to contact. Best wishes 

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Daniel A

San Jose, CA, USA