About this fundraiser

On Thursday 01-04-2024 Andrea went into the ER thinking she had a bladder infection or kidney infection. Her blood pressure was non-existent and her kidneys were at 50%. Thankfully after 5 liters of fluids they got her kidney function back but found an ostrich egg sized mass on her remaining left ovary. She has been  diagnosed with ovarian cancer, again. We’ve been lucky enough to get an appointment to the Mayo Clinic in Portland, Maine on Monday but we have a long road ahead of us. She’s already missed work since Thursday and will have many more days she’s missing with appointments and surgery, upcoming chemo treatments, etc. I know it’s tough out there for everyone but if anything can be spared  we will need it for rent, food, gas, lodging in Portland during surgery and chemo treatments.

Organized by

Douglas Paresa

Milo, ME, USA