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  • Rose Marie Arnold's cremation and memorial services

    Anything helps it all goes to Rosie's services cremation and fam.... Thank u

About this fundraiser

I'm tryin to help a good friend of mine raise money for the funeral/memorial costs and cremation costs for his mother that passed away 2 Days ago. Rose(Rosie, Rosarita) Marie Arnold passed away at doctor's hospital on May 4th after an early morning cardiac arrest many hours later her battle was finally at ease. Rosie battled with cancer that had already taken one of her eyes and one breast. She was in remission for years but about a month ago her cancer came back in full force consuming her entire body. Rosie was an amazing woman. She helped just about anyone. She had a big heart and myself alone am so appreciative for everything she had done for me. Rosie's was just an all around full of life goofy awesome woman. She has a son who's whole world just stopped. She was not just a mother but a best friend to him. He took care of her at the end and stuck by her no matter what. So anything helps. R.I.P. Miss Rosie. We miss u already…. No longer sufferin…..  Lets put her to rest. Anything helps. Thank u so much 

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Mindy Modena

Modesto, CA, USA