About this fundraiser

Dear friends & family 


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Each one of you has touched my soul and I am very grateful, even if only briefly, for our connection, no matter how brief or how long.  As I turn 43 today, I come to you with deep grief and sadness.  A combination of trauma that I experienced in the military is causing me crippling pain and illness today.  Exposure to toxic chemicals causing my liver to start to go into failure, multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries, and PTSD are becoming crippling.  The US Government only fully acknowledged these last September, so I have been battling to get the care I deserve for my Service to this country for quite sometime.  I have lost my home, career & now the capability to do the things that I love.  While I am starting to get better care, irreversible damage from the toxic chemical exposure is starting to cause liver failure.  And I am in crippling pain every day.  The pain is so bad I have been mostly housebound and unable to do the basic things that I love & lift my spirits like drawing, playing guitar & dancing.  The pain is so bad that I am ready to end my life because of the pain.  My blood numbers are all low, including my red & white blood cells; along with my platelets.  This makes it feel like I am running a marathon everyday, even though I am just struggling to do the basics like cooking, bathing, laundry.

The major thing that has been helping is physical therapy, nutrition & hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Unfortunately I have run out of physical therapy visits and have to pay out of pocket to keep it going.  Which means I can no longer afford the hyperbaric oxygen therapy which was correcting my anemia, boosting my immunity & helping my body heal.  There are many costs that I continue to pay out of pocket to maintain optimum nutrition, exercise, and sleep, but being 100% disabled and on a disability income I am unable to get the care I deserve. It’s been a little over a month without the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and I feel myself slipping backwards without adequate resources to continue my healing.  I’m asking for help to be able to afford a hyperbaric oxygen therapy system at home which will allow me to begin healing again, reducing my pain, and give me a real chance at getting better.  This would mean the world to me and may be my only chance at turning this around.

While I am saddened by how much I gave in service to this country and how much of a struggle it has been to get adequate health coverage for the damage that service cost me. I am deeply grateful for the life I have lived.  For the growth I have achieved, for the many social projects where I have planted seeds even though I may never get to eat the fruit from the harvest.  I am not afraid of death, as I am proud of the life I have lived.  Not a perfect life, but a creative, conscious and artistic one, in which my mistakes have been portals to grace, love & reconciliation.  I know I have more left in me to give back to my friends, family, & community.  

So I ask for your support, your love, your prayers, thoughts, energy, shares and if you are able, your financial support to give me a fighting chance to get my health back.  Will you help me raise enough money to have a hyperbaric oxygen therapy tank at home?  I used one in an office for 3 months and felt my vitality, healing & hope come back.  So I know how much it can assist me in getting back to the laughing, loving and energetic person I once was.  It would be the best birthday and fill me with tears and hope.


No matter how little or how much you can or cannot help, I thank you 🙏 for being a part of this beautiful journey on earth.  Whatever shall happen, I am truly grateful for the life I was given and for your presence in it.  

Peace, Love & Light

Big Hugs & Belly Laughter


Niko Lynx


What you will help me receive:

Shallow Dive - Summit to Sea


Military Discount


Should anything happen to me or once I no longer need this, I have asked family to sell it and would be willing to send the money back to anyone who donated $50 or more.  So I will collect contact info for anyone who wishes to receive their money back.  

Organized by

Nicholas DeMuth

Urbana, IL, USA