About this fundraiser

Hi I’m Amanda, and I run a little kitten rescue from my home. I work with my local animal rescue organizations and my work mission is to temporarily foster them, nurse them to health if needed, bottle feeding if there is no mother, find their furever homes, and ensure they will be spayed or neutered to prevent further overpopulation and euthanasia in our community shelters.

Now I’d like to tell you a little bit about “Optimus”. He’s approx 8 weeks old. He came to me two days ago. He’s a long haired fluff-butt. I had noticed very low energy from him, unlike his brother “Bumble” who also came in with him. Other than lower energy and being less playful, he seemed ok.

This morning, I found his cold stiff body laying limp in the floor. There was a foul smell in the air. He was still breathing, but couldn’t move. I called the emergency vet on my way to their office. I dropped him off with the on-call doctor and his plan was to get blood sugar and temperature up. I don’t have answers yet and *im not a doctpr* but I’ve seen enough coccidia cases to say the characteristics line up. I’m waiting to hear for certain what’s wrong with Optimus but I already suspect all three of the other rescue kittens (his brother Bumble, and a second litter with “Jupiter” and “Eclipse”) that I currently have will need to be treated also.

I’m working with River City TNR to rescue these babies but we’re both just ordinary people trying to save lives out of our own paychecks. ANY help we can get is tremendous weight off of our shoulders. The emergency visit and medication for the other three kittens will run up quite a bill. Please co wider helping us save Optimus and his rescue mates! Thank you ❤️

Organized by

Amanda Matthews

Vicksburg, MS, USA