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My name is DeAndre Prince I'm reaching out for help to everyone I fell down with covid earlier this year and I was out of work for a significant amount of time my 7 year old son has autism and I fell behind on my mortgage I'm trying to wait 7,500 before they foreclosed on my home I know I don't have the right to ask anyone because we're all struggling.


But I have nowhere else to turn I'm a good father or husband and God I believe in with all my heart in Jesus and I'm reaching out with the hopes and the prayers that someone and somebody is my cry for help I'm begging everyone and anyone who reads this I know you have no reason to help me you have no reason to even read this but I'm begging for help please and Jesus name can someone of anybody or everybody please help me keep my home from my wife and my kids I don't want to be homeless on the street and that's the only option that I have at this point and I'm begging I'm begging please can somebody help me God bless you all and thank you for your time even read this May God bless your heart whether you give or not and then you bless your family and everything that you do God bless you I love you all in Jesus name amen sincerely yours DeAndre Prince please help me save our home please in Jesus name amen 

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De'Andre Prince

Hesperia, CA, USA