About this fundraiser

I am 60 years old, I live on  disability, not much, and I am in desperate need for a car to get back and fourth to the doctor and the hospital for testing, I am a person who worked hard for 40 years,  but I  made a terrible mistake, I believe a man for 12 years, he somehow lied and got everything I ever worked for, I was set for retirement, built a store and  things were going great, until one day, all gone, then a couple years later, in 08, my son was murdered, life for me pretty much over, depression hit hard, then painful bone disease,  now life is not only painful in mind, its body as well,  God helps me every day, with out Jesus I would never make it, I do not get enough ssi to get used car, I've been trying, I would be ever so great full for any help, thank you and God bless

Organized by

Lisa Bontrager

Galena, MD, USA