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We are raising money to purchase an EEQube to put in my sister's long term acute care room. She was hospitalized on November 9th, 2023 with leg and arm weakness and then she began to lose her ability to speak. 2 days later she was on a ventilator and had lost all ability to move and speak. When her eyes were open she had a fixed gaze at the ceiling. After weeks of countless tests, blood draws, lumbar punctures, medications to combat every kind of virus and bacteria the doctors could think of… a surgery to patch an internal bleed, and infections… Kim's medical team was no closer to a diagnosis as they were on day one. Once she was stable and remained stable for a few weeks we were told "we will never know what caused the swelling on her brain. All we can do now is wait and see!”  She was moved to an acute care facility on December 28, 2023. Instead of searching for answers… we are now searching for healing for Kim. Her last MRI showed a slight decrease in the swelling, that was prior to her move to the facility where she is now. They take good care of my sister but we no longer have access to the kinds of medical care we want for her! No one is willing to continue to search for answers. Western medicine has done all they know how to do for my sister! I have personally experienced an Energy Enhancement System and want to bring the technology to my sister. Please help us help Kim heal, body, mind and soul!

Organized by

Patricia Vink

Gaylord, MI, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Bonnie Cryderman