About this fundraiser

My name is Jessica. The love of my life is locked away in Monroe County Jail, Sparta WI right now. He has been there since the 26th of February. He doesn't deserve to be there. His offense was very small... And it was only committed because he is literally traumatized from our two years being homeless that only ended recently. He is still in a sort of trauma-induced, poverty consciousness influenced survival mode that he is unaware of and is without treatment for it. He has received no therapy for his traumatic experience with being homeless for so long, and he certainly won't be able to receive the therapy he needs while he's in jail. And and all of the funds raised by GoFundMe for my cause will be used specifically to pay Amaud's cash bond of $750.00, get him transportation home which should cost no more than $30.00 if he calls Monroe County SAFE Ride, pay for his rent that is past due, which also includes his security deposit so his rent is $500.00 and his security deposit is $500.00, so he doesn't get evicted and end up homeless again, which would further cause him to incur new trauma, and last but not least, cleaning his laundry so he has all clean clothes when he gets home, which should cost no more than $20.00 at the laundromat... Leaving $50.00 for his immediate household needs and groceries. He doesn't deserve this, please help me set him free!!! Together, we can do this!!!

Organized by

Jessica Rosenfeldt

Tomah, WI, USA