About this fundraiser

I live in a small home on spiritualist church property. I pay a lot rent since property is churches. Residents pay town water and sewage but the town put a clause in years ago they weren’t responsible for property sewer lines.

last summer I paid $900 for clean out of outside sewer line near my house. Sewage still backed up in shower. Then the board had a clean out junction across the street cleaned out.

sewer line is in very poor shape being 90 years old.

the organization doesn’t have the funds to replace properties sewer lines.

i have sewage coming up in back yard where a former owner had an old RV clean out. It doesnt have a secured closure. I just spent money to get electrical baseboard heat repaired and fixing a 13 month old refrigerator that Lowe’s won’t cover without extended warranty. It’s not safe living here because sewage in back yard and could start coming up through shower again like last year.

I am a 68 year old retired RN and spiritual minister/medium. I’ve spent my life helping others from my heart.

this amount might help replace my line and possibly across street where it was clogged or broken last year. We actually need entire sewer lines on property replaced. Many people come here to enjoy the sacred grounds. Small spiritual museum and classes, chapel.

people develop mediumship, healing, and metaphysical endeavors.

90 year old clay sewer lines just start crumbling and failing especially being in a high water zone by white river. Camp chesterfield is on Indiana historical site list. We are working to display our marker in a few weeks.

we desperately need help with this problem. It is a necessity.


Organized by

Jacqueline Orszulak

Chesterfield, IN, USA