About this fundraiser

In August of 2023 my daughter Shannon went into cardiac arrest at the age of 35. She was in Billings Mt at her cardiologist appt and we were getting our car from the valet to go home, a 3.5 hr drive back to Helena. She was taken to the ER and had paddles used several times and the wonderful Drs there did a surgery and put my daughter on an ecmo machine to save her life. The only way to have the proper team and man hours to watch the machine and monitor my daughter was salt lake City Utah so they flighted her there to continue her care. The Drs told us the next morning to say our goodbyes to her they didn't think she would ever be going home. 3 weeks later she left the hospital alive. Her heart is very damaged and we were told Monday May 13th she needs not only a heart but lung transplant based on results from a procedure they recently did. While in Utah they had no assistance for families to stay there and had to pay for our own rooms at hotels and her dad and I both had travel expenses. The funds we raise will help cover costs for my daughter to travel to Minnesota to Mayo clinic when the time comes that a new heart and lungs are available for her transplant. It would also be used to help with costs to pay bills for the immediate family that will be off work and without income while at the hospital with Shannon during and after surgery for up to 6 months we were told. Family lives in Iowa and will need to be in MN. Mayo clinic does have housing for families I believe so the funds will be for things like phone bill, rent, etc for our homes while away with our daughter. Funds will cover gas expense to get from Iowa to MN. This would be a true blessing to have the help so that we can focus on Shannon getting better and not on things like our bills stacking up while by her side. Any help will be appreciated. 

Organized by

Amy Dunne

Helena, MT, USA