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  • Shelby’s Mayo Journey Continues

    🌟 Quick Update on Shelby's Mayo Clinic Journey 🌟

    The doctors are considering a couple more surgeries as the best solution for her. Unfortunately, her seizures are worse than anticipated and may be causing brain damage.

    Yesterday, she had a tough 45-minute seizure followed by draining infusions. Despite feeling exhausted, Shelby's resilience shines through.

    Next Thursday, the medical team, comprised of 10 dedicated doctors and nurses, will be discussing Shelby's case. It was initially planned for a month-long discussion, but given the urgency of her situation, they're coming together sooner to explore the best possible options for her.

    As Shelby navigates this challenging journey, she's surrounded by love, support, and countless prayers from all of us rooting for her. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and send positive vibes her way. She's a true fighter, and together, we're all in her corner.

    Stay strong, Shelby. We're with you every step of the way. 💪💖 #ShelbysStrength #MayoClinicJourney #TeamShelby
    (Post by Lesley Wilson)

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Update on Shelby: 

After successfully undergoing brain surgery in November, Shelby has had some gains with her health. However, Mayo Clinic is enlisting Shelby in an intensive seizure study to see why and where the seizures are occurring! They are going to be admitting her into the hospital on March 5th, take her off all meds and she will be hospitalized until she has multiple seizures. She will be constantly monitored and hooked up the the EEG machine and be under constant nurse supervision. She will be there up to 10 days. They will not release her from the hospital untill she has had enough seizures for their data. Then there will be a team of 10 drs and nurses residing over her case to make a determination on next steps! From bloodwork and other things it appears that her body is becoming resistant or building up a resistance to the medications. 
Shelby has unfortunately been unable to return to work as she is  still not released to drive  or be in an office environment. 

How can you help? 
1. Pray- send your thoughts and prayers for Shelby. 

2. Give - Support financially. 

3. Share - Share this post. 

Let’s be there for a WONDERFUL woman in the same way she would for any of us.  



Shelby Brown is a well-loved friend, family member, and involved parent in the Piedmont community. During her pregnancy and birth of her new baby girl, Shelby has had increased seizure activity. Having had a brain tumor, seizures, and heart problems in the past, she is no stranger to medical interventions. Unfortunately, the seizures are happening daily. Her team of OKC Physicians have been unable to find the root cause. These physicians have referred her to the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, MN where a team of Neurology specialists have agreed to work on her case. 
She is currently unable to work due to the seizures. Her medical insurance will cover her testing and doctors’ visits, but WILL NOT cover any food or housing for the 2+ weeks she will be there. She will travel to Minnesota leaving her baby girl and young son behind. It is our hope that her good friends and family can help to relieve the burden she will face of paying for housing and meals as she undergoes the first step in this long journey of gaining her health back. Her first appointment at Mayo is August 29th.

Would you consider helping out? And most importantly, offering up good thoughts and prayers for healing for Shelby. 

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