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Hi hi my name is Connie I'm fundraising for my 27 year old daughter who is recently past due to a long-term illness that she had been fighting for so many years now. Due to Cheyenne's health issues it was difficult for us to find any type of insurance for funeral arrangements or final days for her due to her disease in her fight with her Battle of AIDS. Unfortunately for Cheyenne by the time she realized this situation she was in and the depression she went through and and being so young and not understanding and how to deal with life a little long cope with such news of having such a horrible disease unfortunately it was too late for her body there had been too much damage done to her body for the medications to be able to help Cheyenne and over the last few years Cheyenne had been through so much pain and fighting depression as well as kidney failure and heart failure and she the last two weeks of her life she was on life support and Athens regional here in Georgia fighting her battle she realized did this horrible disease AIDS has finally overcome her body and taking over she had started to have heart failure kidney failure so many different things were going wrong for this bright young lady who was so depressed and didn't know how to cope with this disease she was in so much anger and hurt and pain and confusion and didn't know who she was anymore she didn't want to die she was so scared to die the last two weeks of her life she spent in the hospital as I said above on life support as she got pneumonia due to the vomiting from her illness her body had started to shut down and it couldn't function anymore on its own. Did I tell you what she was one hell of a fighter this this my daughter my beautiful daughter she life support come out of it after a few days unfortunately went right back in due to the pneumonia and not being able to breathe within less than 12 hours she was back on life support again but she wasn't done here yet there was something she hadn't finished here and she pulled out of that one as well even though we knew everything was nearing it in for this week special young ladies time here on this Earth we tried to enjoy every last moment we had with her you're at home she thought she didn't want to be in the hospital she didn't want to die in the hospital she wanted to be at home with her she loved and those who made the most to her. Cheyenne has four other siblings brothers and sisters who are also trying to cope with the the facts and and not having their sister and their life anymore and her being gone and the family is suffering so very much as you can imagine so many prayers out there would be the most most blessed thing that you could give our family. I'm a stay-at-home mom I'm sick with lupus so I don't work and my husband's been The sole provider of this family for well 30 years now due to her hospitalization so frequently and her health and he had missed a lot of time at his employment where he had been working for almost 20 years now using all his vacation time and sick time and regulartime up at work as well and it really financially put our family in a bind and I don't like to put our personal family Life out there for the world to see that I'm not ashamed were a great living family and we've always worked hard for our family and to raise and support our children in love and care for them to the best of our ability donut ranch River ranch with love and care in each other and God but today I turned to complete strangers to you to the world and I asked you desperately to please help my family put my daughter to rest my daughter wasn't able to get any life insurance or end of life insurance to cover her final funeral cost due to her health being so bad as we all know anyone with AIDS it's it's difficult to get life insurance especially have to be you know your blood count has to do to a certain level and you're over I'll have to be a good health so today I have my family and I find ourselves in this situation of having to ask for helping hand to cremate my daughter and to be able to have some type of a funeral for her I'd like to send my angel home I need to let her go rest in peace by financially my family doesn't have it and we've reached out to the local community government community they donated $250 a local church help donate $300 but as we all know funerals can be very expensive and I'm not asking for anything out of the ordinary or great or too big or too great or big I'm just needing help to cremate my daughter and to put my daughter's body to rest and I'd like to have a small service for if I possibly could. So to all of you out there precious enough to even be on this page or to be first off I like to ask for prayers many many prayers and then I'd like to ask for any donations from complete strangers I know it's crazy but I don't know where else to turn to and I need to I need to put my daughter to rest. She's been deceased now for a little over a week there was a backup on her autopsy because I guess they were so busy but so that was partially the reason and now the funeral home is waiting on us to be able to go ahead and cremate her and and do a service for her so I'd like I have to get this done I have to have her cremated by tomorrow which is being Monday and I'm so lost for time or dates at the moment but I'd like to get her cremated by tomorrow and a small service following within the next day or two I know it's such short notice I'm not real good with this online stuff or even asking others for help for that matter but here I am I stand before all of you and ask you to please help me cover my daughter's funeral home here I am before you today asking you to please help me pay for my daughter's final funeral cost and arrangements it would mean more than you can imagine from my family and I. I've done it why didn't my one of my sons and my daughters friends and got online and try to do a GoFundMe page we've raised I think $60 on that so far which is a great start but it's not even nearly enough to even pay for the cost of the cards or flowers so in this difficult time for everyone in the world being the way it is I apologize we have to ask if anyone may be able to help our family whether it be $5$10 anything would help we like to get some type of a little trinket to go around maybe a necklace to carry her ashes in to keep close to her heart and we'd like to cremate her and just to have a small service for her. So with prayers and and all the kind words and thoughts from the world and in God and and family and friends and complete strangers I hope to get this done as soon as possible of course the funeral home can't hold her forever and our hearts can't hold on to the thought of her being in the dark cold room any longer than she has to be the funding will go into an account for Cheyenne's funeral in her name and all these will be directly paid to the funeral service and funeral home and hopefully if enough left over to get a couple little trinket trinkets for her siblings and my husband and I and if anything is left over afterwardsnms be honest with you as we've gotten behind on bills these last couple of months due to her all her recent hospitalizations I may be able to catch up on the rent payment or my light bill, that would be really nice our TV is getting cut off which we can live without to be or Wi-Fi we no longer have a lot of things have changed but you know that's part of life and growing and taking what God hands you and knowing that he never hand you anymore than you can handle and we have loved and we have each other and we have God and good people in this world like you but as I was saying with whatever funds if any that are left over I'd like to gladly turn right back around and give them phones to another family is in need is hearts are in so much pain and maybe this can help ease something for them I would return it to someone else right here on this site just as my family was blessed enough to receive for my daughter. Well I thank you all for listening to my story and and all the prayers and thoughts and kindness from each and everyone of you and I just want to say days time go by so quick we don't even realize with work and school and chores and all that is involved in life just try to slow down a bit in tears those you love the most and spend every moment you can with them wife passes Us by so quickly we don't even realize it until it's gone so live each day as if it were the last because there's no promise of Tomorrow keep your loved ones close to you cherish them let a stranger know how much you care if I giving a sandwich or a neighbor by mowing their grass we're holding a door open for the elderly or donating your time to a charity anything anything anything in life that will make you helped make somebody else's day be a better day will make you a better you! And always keep God with you by your side and walk with him love everyone .if anybody has any questions that I may not have been able to answer here or any questions or concerns or any information they may need please feel free to contact me on my cell phone number being 423 6503418 you probably be better off texting me I've got so much going on. And don't typically respond to a phone numbers but I'll get back with you in a timely manner again my name is Connie Ryals phone number I mentioned above we live in Jackson county Georgia and a small community of commerce Georgia and we're just like any other hard-working loving family out there but anything you need or any information please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to but all donations directly deposited into account for my daughter Cheyenne Grimsley for strictly her funeral arrangements and putting her to piece and for any funds that may be left other than I explained we'll go strictly back into another family who is in desperate need just as mine is. So today I have exhausted all of my phones with my yearly change that I have saved up that we usually try to take the kids camping or something like that you know I'm going to donate every little red send event to my loving daughter so instead of camping vacation this year we're sending this Angel home to rest in peace which is more than any vacation could ever be worth . So let's start today is dig deep in our pockets and see what we can find to help my daughter please thank you all again God bless you God bless your families I hope that my words help someone they're not well-spoken at the moment I just thank you for hearing the story so what do you say listen this Angel home today what's donate my funds I'm looking for 3800 which will just cover her cremation in a small service that's what still needed that we haven't come up with so far and anything additional would I would love to make my rent payment and if not I'd be more than happy you know I just need to bury my daughter so let's get this done guys please help my famiy with Cheyenne's final funeral cost. I apologize for my words if not well spoken as you can imagine my mind is not in the right place at this time but I realized just a moment ago there were some words that were misspelled here I'm doing this voice talking thing instead of actually typing so in order for me to fix those errors I just want to correct them my daughter's name is Cheyenne spelled s h i a n e  g r i m s l e y. My last name is Ryals r y a l s and I don't remember what else I seen on there but I'm sure we can all make sense of it somehow God bless you all and from my family to yours keep your loved ones close and cherish them and never let them forget how much they mean to you. Let's get this donation going for Cheyenne tonight but send this baby home God bless you all and to all a good night thank you the riles family b r y a l s family and I thank you God for all you have blessed my family with and what you have given up of your  own for all of Amen 🙏💖

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