About this fundraiser

I have been a single mom for the last 14 years. The pleasure of my life, to say the least. I have worked, and worked hard, to provide them with every opportunity possible for my kids. It has been worth every bit of my efforts. My son, the oldest, in his sophomore year of college and swimming at the colligate level. My daughter, in 8th grade, is a rising varsity tennis player 2 inducted into the NJHS and now State Honors Society. However, all of this has taken its toll on my health. I put my children above it all for too long in fear of falling behind. This has all caught up with me now. I worked through sickness and pain until I couldn’t anymore. From Bell’s pals, twice, to gallbladder surgery, and a long overdue hysterectomy last year. After the hysterectomy I passed out in my kitchen causing injuries to both my shoulder and neck. I hoped in time the pain would ease, then injection to OT and PT. I’ve now exhausted all options and will have to have surgery next week and have been asked to resign from my job of 7 year. I‘ve also exhausted all my sick time, so resign or not, I’m not going to be receiving anymore pay. I will have a very extensive recovery with months of very painful therapy. With that being said, I have no financial resources or options left for anything, from rent, utilities, phone, insurance and so forth. Worst of all, I have no way of getting my son home, 6.5 hours away, for the upcoming holidays or the ability to get my daughters tennis uniforms or fees for her upcoming season. Let alone what I’ll manage for Christmas. I have no idea what will come of my job. I’ve begun the search process, but also know that it’ll be a challenge to find work while recovering. I just need help to get through this part. I can’t fathom having to tell my son that I can’t get him home or telling his sister that he won’t be and the thought of not seeing him sometime soon is breaking my heart. Any help would be the difference between keeping us going and what seems like falling apart. It would be helping me to hold on to what hope I have left , that this too shall pass and that’ll will still be okay when it does. Thank you all for reading and consideration.

Organized by

Rae Lynn

Duncan, OK, USA