About this fundraiser

It all started with a house fire. I lost my house, I lost my Job and it kept snowballing from there. Things got real bad they took my kids my BABIES because I do not have a stable environment for them. I have a great job opportunity but how can I work living in my car. I have no family help and the kids father and his side is useless I swear they want to see me fail. All I need is help with firsts month rent and deposit and maybe a little left for furniture or dishes. I really feel like I have lost all hope I feel so sad. All I want is a place to call home to bring my kids home and Work so I can provide for them they are my life and without them everything seems pointless. If anyone finds it in their heart to help a Mother out I would forever be greatful and I know my babies will be to too the person who helped their mother bring them back home.

Organized by

Sarah Womack

St. Louis, Missouri, USA