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Dear reader, 

    Two years ago I started developing a thick membrane-like scar tissue over my left eye which has progressively gotten worst since November of last year and I have been completely blind in my left eye to that result. I didn't want to accept or acknowledge this fate including being afraid and scared of all results of being partially blind forever. Full circle from last year I have made some very important changes toward watching my health, eating better, slowing down to finally quitting alcohol completely (6 months of active control/ 1 ½ completely free), also acknowledging the importance with and without these stresses, and trusting God's plan. So, this Monday 12/12/22 I will proceed with the surgery portion to correct this vision problem in hopes of all success regaining my sight again. But like every attempt with surgery, it's not 100 % foolproof, understanding and freeing my mind of will to live with this result throughout the rest of my life.

Now by my doctor's request, I will be permanently  “restricted from physical duty” for up to 3 months at the longest. When asked about getting back to work normalcies and timelines depend on the success of this procedure. This leaves me with new problems of monetary confinements and restrictions. The state of Oregon does not take disability claims and applications lightly my request for these accommodations has me listed at 33% evaluated and 116 days left till completed. I can not wait that long or be out of work for up to 3 months. I am self-employed and do not get the extra benefits that most employees receive as a requirement for working for a hiring company. The opportunity presented itself to proceed with the right team of doctors and as a result, leave me with important decisions to make. I am putting my pride aside and focusing on my bottom line. I could use all the help I can get right now, I will be struggling if this is not a success, whether it is or not these payments will not go away. So I am searching and seeking help and learning to be uncomfortable being uncomfortable. Thank you who has gotten this far in with this description of my life this is as hard to ask as it is toward sharing my life. 


-solomon williamson 

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Solomon Williamson

Springfield, OR, USA