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Sadly my son Marquise wasn't able to make it to be here today with us today sadly broke my heart doing all this alone no support or help or nothing from no family i am worried an disappointed an do not have the end on the cremation an everything to fully go though so he isn't just sitting there still in cold for too much longer  I am really stressed out mentally physically im emotionally an most definitely I feel horrible an hurt an broken inside can't believe he was here today to be here with us. So right now I'm begging all you ladies an getleman at this moment any thing helps but I really $700 more dolar for my baby boy marquise creation I've been handling it all by my self. Never had to dealt with a death person like that but I do not have my end put together  I would an marquise would very much appreciate it SOOOOO much I promise . At this moment anything helps I'm stressing I need help please. For my baby boy🙏💔🥺

Organized by

Sara Smith

Lakewood, WA, USA