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My dad, Mark, had surgery to amputate part of his left leg due to having an infection. He has been dealing with this infection since August. He has had a few surgeries to help but ultimately amputation was the final solution. We have been faced with several different challenges and changes in our lives lately. He lost his insurance back in November and has had several doctor appointments, hospital visits, and the last being a month long stay in the hospital. All of these things are having to be paid out of pocket with more bills and other items that are needing to be purchased to make life easier for him. My mom, Tammy, has been the soul income provider with help from my brother and I, however there is only so much we can do without taking away from our other bills. Money is a tight issue so any help we can get to to help pay off some medical bills and help pay for things to make Mark's life easier would be amazing.

A little bit about Mark. He's an incredible father, husband, brother, and son who ALWAYS puts everyone before himself. He would give anyone the shirt off his back no matter what the situation was. Mark is a minister who loves to spread the word of God, even when he was laying in a hospital bed, he would talk to people and let them know how much they are loved. He has always been our family rock and now it's our turn to be his rock. Mark doesn't like asking for help, but with everything going on we are faced with the fact that we do need help. 

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