About this fundraiser

Staying strong. I am trying to do that with every breath I take. I am a man who once worked 2 jobs and would never even dream of asking help from anyone, self sufficient and hard working.

Last May I asked my  best friend Angel to marry me. To my surprise she said yes! At last my lonely life was to changed to one of joy and love. Happy is an understatement.

2 weeks later I woke and started coughing up blood. Angel urged me to go to the emergency room, and I begrudgingly complied. I went through a battery of tests and was told I have stage IV lung and liver cancer. After further testing I was informed that I have metastatic non small cell stage IV cancer. I was devastated, to say the least. I told Angel that if she changed her mind about marrying me I would totally understand. Astonishingly she told me she would be with me for the long haul, through thick and thin. She is a remarkable woman, to say the least and I am blessed to have her by my side. I have been going through aggressive chemo to stop the spread of this cursed disease and am trying to stay strong for both of us.

Of course Murphys law set in and things got worse. Our van which provided our transportation to doctors appts, continuous testing and chemo as well as grocery shopping, laundromat and general errands died on us. I have two friends who are mechanics look at it and they both said that it's a lost cause. Without a vehicle I began missing chemo and other important appointments. And to boot my wife is unable to make it to work. We are in a desperate position at this point. I have never been one to ask for help and always tried to stay self-sufficiant, but at this point I have no choice. We have fallen behind on rent and cannot afford some of lifes basic needs.

I am trying to get funds together to acquire a used car, as well as get caught up on our rent. Once we are mobile again we will be able to get our lives back on the right track, beating this monster inside me that is feeding on my life. We humbly ask for your support in these, our darkest of days. Any help will be greatly appreciated and put to good use

Please help us.


Organized by

Paul Schumacher

Lowellville, OH, USA