About this fundraiser

This picture was take. 4.5 years ago while on a cruise with my family. I was on a bumper car with my nephew. I was a healthy and active Auntie, Grandma, Mother and Wife.  Shortly after this picture was taken my husband would have a fall at work that would end his 29 years in law enforcement. We fought to get him healthy but he would never be the same and he ended up on SSDI. I stopped work and cared for him. 2 years ago I took a holiday job and at the end of my shifts I would be in horrible pain barely able to walk. Two MRIs, multiple hospital stays and medical bills that caused bankruptcy we have an answer. I have 4 Tarlov Cysts at my S2 on my spine. The nerves that control my legs , bladder and lady parts run through these cysts. Two are so large they have eroded the bone. 
Today I was validated by one of the only surgeons in the world that treats these cysts and protects the nerves. He has very high success rates and I have heard multiple stories of patients gaining their active lives back. His staff will work on scheduling but my insurance deductible is $8000. I will also need to stay in Dallas for roughly 10 days. My husband will need a room while I am inpatient and there will be transportation as well. 
I am scared but I need to be brave and get this done. Any help is appreciated and will definitely be paid forward when I have the opportunity. 

Organized by

Stephanie Mikesell

Mesa, AZ, USA