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Steven Guidry

09/28/60 - 12/12/23

We are fundraising for Steven Guidry. I am his caretaker but mostly I am his friend first. He passed a couple of days ago at a young 66 years old. He only had a handful of friends in his life, but very good friends who care and love him. Due to the lack of kin, we would like to bury him with decency and respect. We need some help in doing this. Please help us to put this man to rest. He was funny, grateful, loving and enjoyed music. In every humorous situation he would belt out a song that fit the occasion as we followed in with remainder of the lyrics. People may say he had nothing, but he had a huge heart, which was everything. I'm asking the community to assist us in laying him to rest. We are hoping to have him at peace by 12/29/23 and the type of services we have will be contingent on what we raise. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Organized by

Kathleen Sandlin-Davis

San Antonio, TX, USA