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Our cherished Explorer trailer, full of premium camping equipment, was broken into and items taken, which is every Scouting leader's greatest nightmare. Tents, hammocks, stoves, and other essential camping equipment were stolen from the Troop on the weekend of September 16–17 in Moncton, New Brunswick.  This article describes the tragic theft and loss of priceless camping gear. The Troop's fall camping plans have been thrown into disarray.

Our Troop Trailer:
Over the weekend, thieves broke into a local secure storage facility where we keep the trailer for our Troop.  This trailer was manufactured specifically as a mobile camping site on wheels.  It included everything a Scouting Troop could possibly need for a fun and memorable camping trip. The trailer itself is cherished by the Troop and is a reminder of the many camping trips and other outdoor adventures we do with the community Scouting youth.

The stolen property consisted of:
The nature of the equipment that was stolen makes it impossible for the Troop to go camping without serious setbacks.  Over a dozen finely meshed hammocks and over a dozen 4-season tents went missing from the Troop.  All of our kitchen stoves and hoses are gone, along with our troop set of pocket stoves, troop sets of cooking pots, collapsible canopy poles, large and small saws, multiple hatchets, and a specialized lightweight weather tarp. It's hard to believe they managed to carry away everything that was stolen from the trailer.  The gear we had allowed us to camp and work our Scouting programs in each of our Canadian seasons.

The Effect on Feelings:
The youngsters and the adults in charge were upset and furious because someone stole our camping equipment. Scouting groups put not only time and effort but also hard-earned fundraising money into assembling the best possible trailer full of camping equipment. Every piece of gear has a special purpose because it recalls the many times Explorers, their leaders, and other adults went on exciting trips together.

The theft of practically all of our necessary camping gear is a sobering reminder that if someone wants into your trailer, they will break in any way they can, no matter how secure you feel it is.

With the help of the community and the local RCMP, the lost camping gear may hopefully be found, allowing our traditional Scouting Troop to continue its outdoor adventures with the equipment that has grown so important to them.

Thank you for sharing this with everyone you know and who supports what we do for youth and adults in our community.

Jeff Melvin
Group Scoutmaster
1st Moncton BPSA Traditional Scouting
[email protected]


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Jeff Melvin

Moncton, NB, Canada