On Sunday, October 1, 2023 our lives were changed forever. Our baby, Annalise Marie McILwain, at only 4 years old, passed in her sleep. If you ever had the chance to meet Annalise you would have known her by her smile. She has so many nicknames, Sunshine, Lil Mama, Chub Chub, Anna Banana, Pumpkin and our Little Princess. She truly was the sunshine in our family. Anna had developmental issues and she was getting stronger each day with the help of Physical Therapy. Her condition never dimmed her light.

Her Father, Terence, had an amazing way of making her laugh and he always knew how to comfort her. Her Brother, Alexander, was the apple of her eye. She always kept an eye on her big brother and he always looked after her. Her Meemaw, Valerie, always looked forward to their spa days (even though Anna hated the bath part), she would be so calm and happy after all was said and done. When she saw her Titi, Jasmine, she would light up and try to touch her nose, pull her hair and earrings. Her PopPop, Bradley, was her escape goat after being mad at everyone else, he would always come to her rescue. She loved to wear and play with his hats. We are so grateful for the four years of laughter, cries, giggles, temper tantrums and tickle fests. Her smile and her laugh will be missed the most.

Our world, will never be the same. 

We are asking for donations to assist Terence and his son, Alexander at this time. 

Please keep our family in prayer. Thank you


Messages from the Family:


I have watched you step into fatherhood with welcome arms and with your whole heart

You make me so proud to call you – Nephew; you are a great DAD. 

I am so sorry for the loss our family must endure but I know beautiful Annalise is in heaven with her Great Grandma Rosettaas she is being watched over and LOVED. 

She will forever be in our hearts because she has left an imprint with that smile of hers as it continues to radiate upon to all who encountered her.

I remember those precious FaceTime moments with both Alex and Anna that we shared occasionally;  I will cherish them always because they are both so special.

I pray that God comforts you in this time of sorrow as we must remember those joyous times and know that she will remain your little Princess whose light continues to beam brightly.


TeeTee Ruthie “

Organized by

Jazz The Poler

Trenton, NJ, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Terence Mcilwain