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Hello Everyone,

Hi, my name is Richard Moore the person on the photo, I am fundraising for my friend Mr & Mrs Abushamli. I have worked around the world for 23 years and have met many good people from different countries. Mr. & Mrs. Abushamli from Israel need our support and help.

Abushamli’s wife has unfortunately been diagnosed with back problems that need immediate surgery. Her back injury has progressed to the point that Mr. Abushamli’s wife cannot move around much and is in constant pain. On the MRI scan, it was revealed that her back disc was not lined correctly. The doctor requested Mrs. Abushamli to have surgery as soon as the end of April 2024. 

Mr. Abushamli is supporting his wife as much as he can, by taking every minute he can, working daily. Sometimes late into the night for the extensive medical costs.
We need your help anything big or small helps in this situation. We are here to support and help the Abushamli family in any way we can! 

Thank you in advance for your support! If you have any questions, please reach out to me.
Richard Moore


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Port Isabel, TX, USA