About this fundraiser

Mark Szalewski is loved by many and has dedicated his life to his wife, Janet,  children/grandchildren and friends. He was the first person everyone called when a helping hand was needed because of his character and reliability. Mark never said “no” to anyone who asked for a helping hand, and if he wasn't knowledgeable or physically able to do a task, he'd be damn sure to get you the solution. Although Mark was the first person many folks ran to for guidance, Mark, himself, rarely asked for much from ANYONE. Even when he was battling serious health issues, or any challenges,  he refused to ask or express his struggles; he is just so prideful and independent.  

He was born and raised in Milwaukee and resided in Riverwest area his entire life. Mark and Janet are life partners and literally attached at the hip. He is desperately hoping for a miracle to be able to dance to Unchained Melody with his wife. Janet does not drive, which resulted in Mark being the “shuttle driver” every day. And, boy oh boy, if you know my mother (and his daughter) we sure did keep him busy with driving all over the STATE! 

On 2/15/2024, Mark had a surgery that was supposed to help him gain a better quality of life and prevent further health conditions. Like all surgeries there are rare and serious risks that could happen. He had only been in the hospital a few times before this surgery years ago, and this surgery was understood to be “a walk in the park”. Unfortunately, Mark was in the less than 5% and his surgeons' first patient to ever have these complications. He suffered a traumatic brain injury causing a stroke. 

Even during all of this, Mark is refusing to ask for much besides being able to get home to dance with my mother again. He has complete left sided weakness and paralysis amongst other complications. He is slowly improving but there has been a handful of set backs to his recovery and rehabilitation services to get him home. He has suffered 3 falls and now has an infection. 

Our family was not expecting this life changing traumatic event. We have to keep our spirits up and do whatever is needed for my father now; as he has been our miracle worker for all our lives, it's his turn to be taken care of. 

The medical bills are already adding up, on top of prior medical bills preparing for this surgery. Medical supplies are still needed to make their home handicap accessible and we need to make adjustments for transportation. We will need to literally change every thing to make my father's living condition safe. Extensive treatment and followup care will immediately start, causing the balances to rise steadily high. We are hoping for financial help to relieve the burden off our parents during this horrific series of events, as well as words of encouragement. 

Please do not take the little things in life for granted and appreciate your “happy place” (as Mark would say). We are hoping for the greatest outcome possible with intensive treatment to continue. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all whom have Mark in their prayers. He has a long road ahead of him and during all of this, he is only making sure Janet has her rides to be by his side. 

Organized by

Rebecca Szalewski

Milwaukee, WI, USA