Latest update as of Jan 03, 2024

  • Woohoo! Mega principal payment made!

    I'm so happy to report that I just made a huge payment towards my debt all thanks to your kindness, generosity and support! I am so incredibly grateful to be starting the year off from a place of excitement and hope. Thank you thank you thank you!
    With love,

    Woohoo! Mega principal payment made!

About this fundraiser

I just finished my last surgery (woot woot), and, just over a year after my diagnosis, I’m feeling good about being cancer free!

 While my health is on the mend, the snowballing medical bills have kicked my financial health in the ass. The medical debt I had from my rib, shoulder, and alopecia plus the ta-tas has created quite the tab.  I would love nothing more than to put this saga and the undercurrent of stress from the total financial derailment behind me to focus on my ongoing treatment, health, and future. As someone who takes great pride in being ”tough” and generally able to fend for myself, I have learned this year that there’s no shame in asking for help and that doing so has helped me become stronger and more resilient. 

So, here we are, anything you can contribute helps provide a little relief and I am forever grateful for your support. With love and gratitude, Whitney

If you'd prefer to donate by check, please feel free to reach out at seven 2 zero seven 1 seven 09 one seven. 

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Whitney Van Cleave

Denver, CO, USA