About this fundraiser

Most of you know the medical journey Sydney has been on the last 5 years. On January 18th, 2024 Sydney was diagnosed with something called Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD) triggered by hypoglycemia and a damaged hypothalamus. Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD) is a wave of sustained depolarization (neuronal inactivation) moving through intact brain tissue and associated with brain ischemia, migraine aura, and seizures. Sydney finally has a treatment plan in place and these next few months will be challenging as the treatment will unfortunately increase her symptoms for a short amount of time before she starts to feel better. On top of increased symptoms Sydney will also need to do a lot of traveling for treatment. Her friends and family have decided to create a fund raising link to help her with the cost of treatment and travel expenses (hotels, gas, and food) so she can focus on healing both physically and mentally. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude to those of you who have supported her through this entire journey. She often expresses how thankful she is for the village she has and is extremely grateful for all of your kind words and prayers you all have so graciously given her. We understand if you are unable to donate at this time and only ask to please share this link to get the word out there for those who may be able and willing to donate to help Sydney get through treatment and on the road to recovery. Again thank you all SO kindly for the love and support given to our girl and we look forward to getting her back to the life she wants and most definitely deserves. 🖤

Organized by

Sydney Hampton

Pinedale, WY, USA