About this fundraiser


Hi, my name is William. I set up this fundraiser account so I can get enough money together to have a procedure called stem cell therapy. This procedure will allow me to get my site back which I lost 3 years ago and help repair my kidneys that were damaged due to a stroke which I had in April of 2022. As you can imagine losing your sight is not fun at all. I went from having perfect vision in the beginning of 2019 to having no vision. I have macular degeneration and my retinas are detached. My left eye has no vision at all and my right eye as a stand right now is at 2400. I cannot drive anymore and I cannot perform day-to-day tasks like I once did when I could see. The biggest hurdle and disappointment that I am facing is that I cannot play with my four-year-old son and teach him how to read and write. I have had to close my business because I can't drive to work and I can't see well enough to perform the duties of my auto repair shop. The doctor at Carolina stem therapy believes that this will work for me and then I can get my life back. I love to work I love to go out and walk and I love to travel. I feel like I'm in prison due to this condition. I think the worst part is not being able to drive anymore. I can't even see my son's face. I just have the memories of what he looks like. My insurance will not cover this procedure and I am on fixed income from Social Security. After I pay all my bills I have less than $100 every month. So I hope you find it in your hearts to help me get my life back and be able to watch my son and grow up.


Organized by

William Blasi

Dallas, GA, USA