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My minivan became my home after i moved from my apt; i didnt feel safe living there. I had my van 2.5 yrs & hit a deer on I-44 at 11 p.m.  Insurance company declared my van a totalled loss. I have GAP purchased thru dealership. GAP denied claim due to contract expiring prior to date of loss (1 Nov 2024). Car insurance paid their share, close to $8k. Remaining balance is $9,590.99 which GAP refused to pay. Finance company wants all of the $9,590.99 cuz there is no collateral now on the loan. I'm a veteran (vietnam era), female, 76 years old.  BVASH assisted in getting me into an extended stay motel & i pay $560 a month. I have $7k in debts to plus the car finance loan. I just dont have the $9,590.99 to pay the car finance company. I have a budget now & can pay everybody on a monthly basis. But the car finance credit union wants all of their loan money since GAP denied payment. Thats why i need help. Bad part is the car loan company is ruining my credit & i wont b able to get another veh etc.

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Velma Watford

Lawton, OK, USA