About this fundraiser

Hello friends and family, 

For years now Will and I have been praying to welcome a baby into this world together but have been struggling to make that happen.

A very close, teenage, family friend became pregnant back in the fall and months later asked us if we would adopt her baby girl in June, it felt like god had answered our prayers and blessed us with such a beautiful opportunity, one I had begun to believe would never happen for us. Our excited little family happily accepted her offer and began to research the best way to start our journey.

After research and consults with agencies, what seemed like a miracle had begun to feel much less attainable as we realized that approximately $15,000 is necessary in just a few short months to make this happen.

We are reaching out with hope that with the support of our friends, family, and community will make this an attainable feat even with the high cost of adoption fees and lawyers in NH.

Thank you so much for your time 💞


Organized by

Elizabeth Spaulding

Manchester, NH, USA