Latest update as of Mar 21, 2023

  • THANK YOU! and an update!

    BIG DAY, great updates and a couple small hiccups to overcome

    Chanse is up and moving! He was fitted for his brace, held onto a walker, and walked to a chair and back. He has a determined “let’s do this” attitude. He WANTS To fight and get better and get home.

    he has until 8pm tonight to use the restroom (pee) on his own. He has yet to be able to do that. If he can not meet that goal he will have an ultrasound to see if his bladder is damaged. so pray for that, please

    Your donations are contributing to making his home handicapped accessible. Katelyn has got a chair, a shower chair, walker, and rails for the toilet to help him be more independent when he gets home!

    Thank you all again, you are all a huge blessing to his healing and to their family.

    THANK YOU! and an update!

About this fundraiser

Chanse, husband and father of 4, was in a car accident the evening of 3/18/2023. His wife and children were out of state visiting family. He is currently in OU medical center with multiple injuries. He is undergoing back surgery this morning 3/19 to fuse 6 discs together. His family has since joined him and realize the long road he has ahead of him.  With him being out of work for the foreseeable future this will absolutely take a toll on their family. We are asking for a little bit of help to keep them afloat and not have to worry about paychecks missing, not to mention medical bills that will come. 

His wife will add updates as she has them.  

thank you 

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Shay Redding

Shawnee, OK, USA