About this fundraiser

Hello my name is Tonia and I'm a Spinal Cord  Injury Surviver with some paralysis and bladder disfunction as a result.  I'm also a single mother so managing everyday task are hard enough as it is with out adding on the fact of taking care of a teen son with Autism too. Medical insurance only covers what they deem medically nessassarry even with doctors request and referrals. And recently I was hospitalized for a mild stroke leaving me with even more deficits needing more equipment and medical help not covered by insurance. Without the needed equipment or doctors I need to see, but can't afford to see due to them being outside my insurance billing, I can not maintain a self dependable life and relyin  solely on others. As a single mother this strips all dignity from me and hurts, causing high depression. I'm Seeking help to cover needed medical equipment, transportation and deductabls for doctor appointments out of network, home modifications such as a ada compliant wheelchair ramp and aba caccessable bathroos, as well as vehicle modification to become self dependen again. As of now I'm dependant on others for assistant for simple task like cooking, bathing, transferring (high fall risk), dressing, and so on. Anyone who knows me can tell you it was always the other way around and now that I need others I feel lost and stressed more than ever. Even if you can't help financially just sharing the word for me is greatly appreciated. Any support I get would mean better treatment and dependence for me and even my son. One can't know what trauma this effect has on a teen with Autism until u live to see it and I wish I could change it but unfortunately all I can do is pray for the best and make the future the best as posible considering my condition. Thanks and God Bless. 

Organized by

Tonia McCarty

Saint Albans, WV, USA