About this fundraiser

   *****Update :::   It is with a heavy heart I must make this update on Ron's condition. He was diagnosed with liver cancer a few weeks ago. That coupled with his advanced cirrhosis and now near kidney failure which is continuing to worsen have caused his state to deteriorate quickly.  He is now in hospice and has been given a short time of perhaps weeks to months left with his family. We ask for continued prayers. Any donations will be applied to final expenses. We thank you for your great generosity in spiritual and financial support. 


       Many of you know Ronald DeClue as a much loved father of three, grandfather of six, son, brother, uncle and friend, and long-time parishioner of St. John the Baptist parish in Front Royal, Virginia. He has always been know for his hard work,  strong faith, and concern and generosity for others. 

     He is in desperate need of a liver transplant. We recently became aware that he also is facing some heart and lung issues. The amazing doctors and staff at MedStar Georgetown Transplant Center are doing their best to address these issues and save Ron's life. We, his family, are doing our best to be present for Ron, next to him to help him on the journey to his recovery. This means emotional, physical, financial and spiritual support.

     He is at the moment at Georgetown Medical Center in D.C. and doctors are addressing some of his complications and preparing him for his transplant by helping him become stronger and also completing preliminary tests that must be done before his transplant. Ron needs a new liver, first and foremost.

    To accomplish this is also quite expensive. Ron does have Medicare and that will cover the the larger portion of his medical bills. There are still significant costs involved, lost wages, Ron has not been able to work for the last several months nor will he be able in the foreseeable future. There are expensive meds, deductibles, travel, gas, hotels, and help at home when family members are unable to be there. Even after his transplant there is a significant recovery time which comes with it's own costs. 

     We are doing our best to find and make the most of resources available to Ron, financial and other, that will reduce the burden on this situation. We still need lots of help to give Ron everything he needs from the beginning of this process, which started recently, to accomplishing the best outcome. 

      The percentage of people who die while waiting for a liver transplant varies by source, but is generally between 6% and 31% per 100 patients. 

Some may not be aware that a person can donate a portion of their liver to another individual and the donor's liver will grow back to 90% of it original size within 30 days. All medical costs related to being a living donor are covered by the recipients insurance so there is no medical cost for the donor. The living donor coordinator phone number at MedStar Georgetown Transplant Center, if interested, is Kate Guttery 202-444-1360. 

     Prayers for Ron and his doctors and nurses are very much needed. Financial help is essential for us to get through, as explained above and we are grateful for every penny. We will remember you in our prayers, too. 

Organized by

Lori DeClue

Front Royal, VA, USA