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My name is Renee Scalise, some know me by Renee Grossman.

I feel that I've been fighting for my life since longer than I can remember now. I can say that my problems started in 2007 when I finally achieved my dream goal of becoming a geologist only to have gotten hurt and that dream came to an end.

So many people tell me I'm strong and sometimes I think I am.


However, I haven't been able to produce an income since February of 21. I'm behind on all my bills other than consistently paying my rent if you continue to read below you'll find that my physical and mental impairments left me with literally no quality of life and a constant fear of losing my home and my animals which are my only support group

I got surgery on my back and 2012 and was fused it S5 l1. I considered my surgery as success for I wasn't in the same amount of pain. During that time I was diagnosed with treatment resistant depression which I have been fighting ever since. Along with the MDD came anxiety PTSB, OCD, ADD add it's been a very long struggle.

Although the physical pain was dulled it's now 10 years later and my new MRI results:

L2-L3: Slight progression of disc space narrowing with diffuse disc bulge. No spinal canal or neuroforaminal stenosis.

L3-L4: Diffuse disc bulge with bilateral facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Mild spinal canal stenosis with mild bilateral neuroforaminal stenoses. Findings are unchanged.

L4-L5: Diffuse disc bulge with bilateral facet

arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, mildly progressed from prior. There is worsening moderate spinal canal stenosis with mild bilateral neuroforaminal stenoses that are similar.

L5-S1: Prior posterior decompression and fusion.

My Cervical MRI

C3-C4: Right uncovertebral hypertrophy and mild facet arthropathy. Mild right neuroforaminal stenosis. No spinal canal or left neuroforaminal stenosis. Findings are unchanged.

C4-C5: Shallow disc osteophyte complex with bilateral uncovertebral hypertrophy and right greater than left facet arthropathy. No spinal canal stenosis.

Moderate right and mild left neuroforaminal

stenoses. Findings are unchanged.

C5-C6: Diffuse disc osteophyte complex with bilateral uncovertebral hypertrophy and facet arthropathy. No spinal canal stenosis. Severe bilateral neuroforaminal stenoses. Findings are unchanged.

C6-C7: Diffuse disc osteophyte complex with bilateral uncovertebral hypertrophy and facet arthropathy. No spinal canal stenosis. Severe bilateral neuroforaminal stenoses. Findings are unchanged.

C7-T1: Bilateral facet arthropathy

My resent pelvic floor therapist stated:

Kristin M. Dennis, PT at 2/2/2023 7:45 AM St. Francis Therapy

Plan Frec

Renee Lynn Scalise

Center @ Sportsclub one time Congaree 712 CONGAREE RD GREENVILLE SC 29607- Phone: [phone redacted]

for C

DOB: 11/14/1972 Primary: First Choice Next (Commercial) Secondary: GENERIC COMMERCIAL


Fax: [phone redacted]

Care/Certif Expiratio


PT Visit Info:

Plan Frequency: one time a week for 90 days Plan of Care/Certification Expiration Date:

OUTPATIENT PHYSICAL THERAPY:OP NOTE TYPE: Treatment Note 2/2/2023 Episode Appt Desk


Visit Count: 1

Treatment Diagnosis: Lack of coordination (mus incoordination) (R27.8) Pelvic floor dysfunction in female (M62.98) Generalized weakness (M62.81) Urge incontinence (N39.41) Constipation, unspecified (K59.00) Low back pain (M54.5)

Pelvic Muscle Wasting (N81.84)

This is just what I'm physically going through. My mental health has been a continuous struggle that I still work with a therapist for every other week.

On top of my physical and mental health the landlord where I've been renting since October 2018, June of 22 my landlord has been trying to find any reason to have me vacate the home. It started with an old HVAC that was 35 years old and he insists that the air conditioning works and it didn't he made promises he broke them then he would gaslight me saying I was more than welcome to find a new place to live.

The next gas lit comments were I needed to leave because my dogs were barking even though I could show him proof that was not my dogs for that bark collars it was actually the dog behind me.

He claimed that there was lots of complaints for their neighbors which there was in fact one complaint and one complaint only and when she looks out her door the only dog she sees is the dog that lives behind my house.

His next gas lighting technique was that my yard needed to be maintenance and the roof and the gutters and if I didn't do so I needed to find a new place to live I did as he requested through help from a friend from physically not able to do those kind of things.

On January 15th this year my dishwasher blew up and was smoking and it knocked out the light bulb in the microwave it knocked out my dryer and if you plug the stove in it says bad lime.

He had an electrician come in the next day who said my breaker box was very out of date that the wiring didn't make any sense told my roommate that the wiring would not pass a code inspection. The landlord had it jimmied however the stove if I plug it in it knocks out the whole house. He told me he was going to get it worked on right away to get it fixed that it could be inconvenient sometimes with my dogs but that it needed to be done.

The next thing I know I got a letter in the mail stating that because of the work that needs to be done the house needs to be vacated and I have until February 20th to find a new place to live.

I've called various agencies here that I've been told to call I don't get return calls I was told to call human resource and talk to a woman I talked to her trying to state that this wasn't my fault he can't just kick me out for that then she informed me that if codes came out I could have to leave in 24 to 48 hours.

Apparently if I try to take the landlord to court he can just have the codes inspector come over and say the house is inevitable and I again then have 24 to 48 hours. I truly believe I'm being bullied and the reason that he's been trying to get me out is because of the increase in property value here in Greenville South Carolina where the average rent is $1,200 and I'm currently paying $975.

I have now made contact with a pro boner lawyer that is considered taking my case because I am not in any kind of violation the landlord is.

I applied for social security in June of 21 because of my physical and mental health and I am currently still waiting for any resolve with that.

My my husband left me in January of 2022 and I don't even know where he is and he left me with no income and no way to achieve income.

I was staying a float with trying to sell antiques and jewelry at flea markets but even now trying to carry boxes or anything is that a question.

I had a second cousin that said she was going to move in and help me and we would work together and within 5 days I figured out that she was stealing everything from me so I immediately kicked her out.

Mental illnesses make it very hard to have relationships. I have been fully abandoned by my family I don't make lasting friendships cuz most people can't deal with the way mental health affects people and the people around.

I am 100% alone I have a roommate right now but just like what I'm used to no one knows how to deal with all these illnesses in the physical pain. I have my dogs I have three of them pot belly pig and he was supposed to be a mini pig but he's not but I just don't give up on things. All I've heard is get rid of my animals try to get public housing. My animals are about the only thing that make me feel as though I've loved for there's nothing else in my life.

I'm so scared and I'm so desperate I can't stop crying I don't sleep if it's not physical pain it's mental pain when you know that no one in your family loves you and you don't have friends you know that you've made mistakes with your mental health and things that you didn't mean but you're still human and you still love people and you still try and keep trying to get your mental health under control but treatment resistant is so hard I've been through shock therapy, on Spravto and because I'm in such a delicate point in my life I don't try any new medications because I've already tried like 36 and I'm too afraid to have any of them go wrong because I'm not stable enough.

I don't drink I don't do drugs I'm just trying to find a way to make it in this world my blood work shows that I'm losing platelets and that I have an extremely high cortisol level I ended up with covid and December all I'm trying to do is just live and I feel like the whole world's against me...

If anyone's taking the time to read all this and is willing to help a person keeps trying to fight but keeps getting knocked down and keeps trying to stay on this Earth who really is a good person but she's just sick and so many ways and doesn't have support group, I'm very thankful for your help.

There are many faces of living with chronic pain and mental illness, my cover photo shows 2 of mine.

We are all going through tough times I understand that. If you're unable to help with donations I would please beg you to share my story

Organized by

Renee Scalise

Greenville, SC, USA