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On the afternoon of June 2nd, 2023, Kate Kaufling, along with her parents, Steve and Holly, and her twin sister, Abbey, received news that no family should have to hear...cancer.

Tests began weeks earlier as Kate felt a few lumps and swollen lymph nodes. After a month of various procedures and tests, the biopsy was scheduled on one of the swollen spots on her body. The unimaginable news was delivered...the biopsy sample was malignant.

Kate, the beautiful 19 year old University of Kentucky dancer, nursing student with a 4.0 GPA has cancer? It's unimaginable and hard to even comprehend. Even as I sit here writing this, 14 days later, it's impossible to believe. We've known Kate since she was a tiny yet spunky 7 year old dancer at 360 Dance in Louisville, Kentucky. She and her twin sister, Abbey quickly became fixtures at our house, with our daughter Sami, and our lives were forever surrounded by infectious giggles, pranks, impromptu dance showcases, silly joke telling and endless laughter.

The diagnosis was osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer that mostly affects children, teens and young adults. It often occurs in the longer bones in the body and Kate's began in her femur. The Norton Oncology Team referred the Kaufling family to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where she will be treated under the team of Dr. Brian Turpin. Kate has undergone a PET scan where they determined the cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Her chemotherapy treatments will begin on Tuesday, June 20th and will run for 10 weeks initially. The doctors will see how she is reacting to the treatments and then continue her treatments and possible surgeries as needed.

Kate is facing this diagnosis with the drive and determination she faces everything. I've watched her in awe as she cracks jokes and keeps such a sunny, light-hearted disposition despite the fight she is facing. If you know the twins, you smile. They are both incredible young women and although quite different, they are both successful in EVERYTHING they do. I remember Kate talking about having to study for a test in high school after a long evening of dance. Abbey reminded her she had a 98 in the class and to not worry about it since she had such a high grade already. Kate proceeded to stay up until 2AM to study since a 98 wasn't good enough for her standards. She puts in the work...even when no one else is aware or watching, she puts in work. Kate will no doubt put in this same dedication and work as she begins her fight against osteosarcoma.

We have started this GoFundMe to help Steve and Holly ease the upcoming financial burden of endless medical and travel expenses to and from Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Steve and Holly have both dedicated their entire careers to public service and are two of the most giving and caring people I know. Please consider joining Kate's Krew by providing a donation to their GoFundMe and join us in support of this incredible family. All money donated, minus a small transaction fee by GFM (2.9% and $.30 per donation) will go directly to the Kauflings.

No family should have to face this alone. Please give what you can and share with family, friends and coworkers and watch our Facebook page for updates of her journey. Thank you in advance for your financial support, love and prayers for this beautiful young woman and her family.


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Zubair Islam Sajol

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