About this fundraiser

My son Troy who is cognitively impaired had a heart transplant on May 25th. He is still in Cardiac ICU due to multiple complications.

Troy is still very weak and can barely stand and that's with the support of his PT. He is now doing dialysis 3 times a week and had trouble being weaned off of the vent so now has a trach.

We are looking at at least another month in Detroit (2 hours from home). Then probably another month at a cardiac rehab facility here in Detroit. 

Because I have to stay with my son 24/7 because of his cognitive disability I am not working.

We have been in Detroit since April 17th (9 weeks). 

We really need to raise more money in order for me to eat, buy personal items, do laundry and hopefully a place to stay while we are here.

Please consider helping❣️


Organized by

Star Elliston

Portland, MI, USA