About this fundraiser

Hello, my name is Alisha. I am the founder of Unified We Grow. Our food support program started in 2020. Since the beginning our volunteer has covered the cost of providing a vehicle, gas, and insurance for food support and being a mode of transportation for vulnerable members and participants to travel from activities, events, and training; we use their vehicle 98% of the time. Our volunteers work very hard volunteering in rain, snow, blizzard or shine outside handing out food week after week. 

Our organization depends on this vehicle. Using this vehicle we supply food and supplies to over 300 families. We serve: low income families, homeless and underhoused people, newcomers, youth, people with disabilities and other equity-deserving groups.

We are requesting your help and support, the funds will be used to pay for insurance, vehicle repairs, maintenance, and gas. Thank you in advance for your support 

MORE INFORMATION: We know it's a lot for one person, especially a low income individual and we are grateful for the sacrifices made to ensure our volunteer-led organization has the resources to increase food security while reducing food waste during a crucial time where more and more families have had to depend on extra food support. However paying for everything has put a financial strain on our volunteers and put them in an unfortunate negative situation. As a result if we don't get support we will have to stop this program, as we wouldn’t have access to a vehicle. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you again for the support.

Organized by

Alisha Griffith

Toronto, ON, Canada