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  • Out of the hospital and now on the path to recover

    I have been released from the hospital. Now just follow Dr's. orders. Still no answers is to what occured. Now I'm on meds for now, and have to do follow up appointments, diagnostic testing.. and once fully functional start my way to get back into my line of work. Since I was discharged from work during my hospital stay. .

About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Christopher Cruz. I have been dealing with a sickness since December 22nd until this current moment. I been to the ER 4 times with my conditions worsening. One of my visits due to my sickness on 01/08/2024 prior to this hospital admission I had a diagnose initial of appendicitis. I underwent surgery for removal of my appendix. I was discharged the next day after the surgery was performed and recovery. Two days later I end up with increased pain at surgical site and fever and was told to return to the ER. Which was on 01/11/2024. I was admitted with initial diagnose of cellulitis at the surgical site and was being treated for this situation. I'm currently in the hospital due to the pathology report not correlating with my symptoms and fevers that currently I'm going through. So the physician and a internal med physician are trying to narrow to what can be the cause of current conditions I'm dealing with. They have done biopsy of skin and a variety of labs that are being sent to mayo clinic. I generally an active individual with a small family that I support all financially to include home, car, food, clothes , electric. I am a Emt/ firefighter I worked in Emergency Medical services for 14 years. Through this sickness has set me back so much . I have not been able to maintain to get back to work due to my sickness. I am having worries as to I have no answers from physicians or time of recovery or plan to recover. I ask for all or if anyone could help. I would greatly forever be thankful. This funds will help with all past due bills I have fell behind with along with medical testing I have to copay for currently Anything is greatly appreciated. Keep me in prayers. Thank you

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