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Good day,

My name is Jason and I am a disabled adult living in the Nashville area.I  for the most part am confined to my bed or to a chair.I am in need of a computer in hopes that I would be to possibly find home employment,content creation,medical coordination,and many other activities that would only be available with a decent PC at my disposal.I suppose I would like to ask if it was a possibility that maybe there is any spare computer parts or pcs available to   give to someone in my condition?


I was an electrician and a secondary handyman/construction worker before I lost my ability to work.

As of February 16th 2022 I suffered an extremely devastating health emergency when an infection in my heart caused the build up of a fungus that after growing to a deadly size,fractured into dozens of small pieces.Once this happened the pieces formed into blood clots and spread throughout my entire body.several made way to my spleen causing minor damage .Three others made way to my brain where they caused three strikes that has resulted in an undetermined amount of brain damage at this point causing extreme dizziness and outrageous periods of vertigo making it impossible to stand ,walk, or even function in any kind of effective productive manner for anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours.

The worst part of the blood clots came in the form of two large blood clots that lodged into each leg causing a total lose of circulation and requiring emergency life threatening surgery. There was a high percentage that I could of lost both my legs but luckily my surgeon was able to save my life and my legs.

All of this started with a heart defect that I had since I was born.Over the years it had become almost unnoticeable until five years ago when I started noticing unusual fatigue and minor dizziness.Unfortunately I had started doing recreational substances and on top of my heart condition Caused my situation to become life threatening way farther in advance than it probably should of.for four months I had to stay in the hospital where I had to have open heart surgery to have my aortic valve transplanted while moving another valve to fix defective heart issues.Unfortunately in the process of repairing the defect in my heart the inner wall of my heart would have to be scraped and left unable to function without the aid of a pacemaker.This procedure resulted in only having 20% functionality of my heart on top of the nerve damage from the leg surgery and brain damage from the strokes, I am disabled in every since of the definition. I am still waiting on my appeal hearing to be approved for my disability benefits but until then I can only pray that the kindness of people and programs will help me make it through this difficult time. I have my girlfriend and my children, I have my parents and my friends, I have a lot of reasons to try and survive. I owe it to them and to myself not to give up.

I appreciate your time,help, and consideration and I hope you find it in your power to possibly be the difference that can save my life and at least improve my quality of life that I have left.

Thank you so very much and I hope for the very best in all that you do. [email protected].                                                                              Sincerely,

                                Jason L Frye

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Jason Frye

Nashville, TN, USA