About this fundraiser

Hi, I am Kathy, my Facebook friend is not able to work. He does take care of his mother and his brother. We all can understand when a home, vehicle and daily appliances need maintenance, however, if there are no funds for these items it can be devastating. My friend Charley has taken to facebook, expressing his family’s needs. Please consider giving. No donation too small. I admire his determination to care for his mom, in her own home. 

Charley’s plea:

So, the CAR I drive to run errands for myself & my mom at her age of 98 yrs old is having some serious issues & mechanical failure. Also it needs a couple of new tires and alignment.

So, running errands for myself & her: going to the grocery stores, doctors visits and emergencies will be stopped.

We have no financial help to fix it this time; we've compromised our backup resources except what's needed for food, bills and taxes, which are slim pickings these days.
We're still trying to get VA benefits for my mom. My dad was in WW2, and we are also trying to get other resources, but of no avail as of yet. 
We need a lot of repairs!
The appliances are falling apart, houses are falling apart.... EVERYTHING is falling apart!!

So far the car has had service work from Hensons, Jim Bennett RIP,  Joe Dills, Keiths, De-Youngs, Scruggs Tire and Blue Ridge Tire.

We've had front end work like bushings, sway bar, control arms, ball joints & tie rod ends, etcetera, new power steering pump & hoses, new power steering box, new pitman arm, new battery, new starter, new fuel filter, new air-conditioning compressor & parts, new spark plugs & wires, new coil packs, new headlight switch, new fan clutch, new serpentine belt, water pump & water hoses, air hoses, PCV valve, and tires & alignment.
And, it's only been a few years that has been done, AND I've tried to do alot of it myself because mechanical shops are so expensive.

Right now, the car skips, it's slow to accelerate, backfiring, it can't hardly get up a hill. 
I'm just plain out tired, and my health issues don't help. I just try to suck it up and go on.
Unless a miracle happens, I might be broke down soon on the road and calling a tow. 

So, either pray, or PM us for donations to help us. 
Sorry to ask for anything, but, it's getting down right to the nitty-gritty.  Taxes are high, everything is so dang high.    Sorry.

Organized by

Charley Edwards

Greer, SC, USA