About this fundraiser

I found out last Thursday I have to have surgery on my artery that goes into my left leg. They Dr said it is called May-Thurner Syndrome. I’ve been out of work for two weeks bc of how bad my left leg swells because of the reduced blood flow to it. The Dr said this procedure will fix that and I can get back to work. I don’t have medical insurance, total cost of the surgery is $13,500. They said they would take half up front and I’ll have to pay the rest off with monthly payments. My surgery is on March 13th but they need me to pay on the 10th which is a Friday and go in on Monday morning for the procedure. I’ve been a nervous wreck trying to come up with the cost because I really need to have this done to prevent me from having another blood clot in my leg. Honestly amount of a donation would take stress off me. If anyone decides to help I’ll go ahead and say thank you a million times. 

Organized by

Thomas McKellar

Chattanooga, TN, USA