About this fundraiser

We are Bree & Jay. And we are originally from Upstate New York. And when I tell you this story, by the end you are going to be asking yourself how much, if any of it is true. But her be assure you. 100% of this here is TRUE FACT.
Back in April "22 we were living in New York State, in our own little cozy apartment. With, at that time, 13 month old daughter Annastasia. When Jays Aught Michelle in Virginia interrupted our lives when she invited us to live with her and her significant other in Pembroke, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
Everything seemed to be going great. Hat was working full-time. Bree was cleaning their house daily asking with tending to their dog. Which was always locked up in another room of the house. We were helping them last their bills and put over $500 a month in food in their house as well. But we weren't complaining. They weren't complaining. And Annastasia seemed to be pretty happy down there. 
After about 3 1/2 months. Pretty much on the dot. My Aunts significant other, also handed Michelle. Decided that they didn't want us there anymore. Knowing we had no other family down their in Virginia. And they wouldn't let us take our daughter. And it's not like we could of taken her out on the streets anyways. But it's almost as if the two of them plotted this from the very beginning. The pieces of the puzzle almost fit together too perfect. And Jays Aunt basically coherced Bree into signing temporary custody over. And do she did because she had no other option.
Standing there in the middle Jays Addicts driveway. There was nothing standing between us but empty roadway. And several states. And we decided right then and there that we weren't taking the laying down. And we are going to get Annastasia back. And we decided we had nothing better to do but start heading west towards California. And the only place we knew we could make a bunch of money. And quickly. 
After 28 days on the road we rolled into Sheridan, Arkansas. Where Jays cousin Kelly lives, and had lived for over 30 years. We stayed there about 3 weeks. And while we were there Jay worked on a Asphalt crew. The boss wanted him to stay so bad he was winning to pay him $165 a day. And purchase our Greyhounds tickets the last week in September. Until the boss decided I've day not to pay Jay. And told him he was fired. Access there goes out bus ticket we were promised. So with no more money coming in in Arkansas, after a few days we decided it was time to hire the road.
September 10th we left Sheridan. And we finally decided on a area we were going to go in California. Considering Jay has been all up and down the coast. And all over the state. This being his third time's. We had a idea of Oceanside. 
It only took us about 18 days to make the second half of the trip. We arrived in Needles, CA on the 28th of September. After getting in Needles a couple of days it was time to make our way through the Mojave Desert if Southeastern California. 
After 4 not so horrible and equally intriguing days asking through the desert, in which we literally was capable of panhandling for water out there. We make it to Palm Desert. 
Y'all don't even need to hear the ending on why we are like a thousand miles further north than our initial destination. But we ended up going up the 101 and landed in Garberville/Redway area. 
We came to California with a purpose. We walked 3,000 miles cross-country for a reason. And a meaning 
And that is to work as hard as we can to make as much cash app physically possible to be able to put a retainer down on a lawyer to fight Jays Aught in court. Also planning on getting established in Humboldt County California. And after getting our daughter back, relocate Possibly start a business up here.
But before we can even think of after having Anastasia back and living up here. We have to focus on the process of getting Annastasia back. And that's where we are asking for help from the people out there who understand what we are going through. The trials and tribulations. The ups and downs. The good times we've the bad times. Through thick and thin. 
We have a contract lined up with this new business we are trying to start up. But our first payout is not scheduled until some time between the first week in January and February 1st. 
We could really use the help people b just to get us through untill out first payment comes through. 
Thank you to everyone who read this. And a thanks to this who helped us and donated. Thank you.

Organized by

Bree and Jay

Redway, CA, USA