About this fundraiser

I'm starting this fundraiser to help me with legal fees to proceed to file charges against the officers that Manhandled me with no crime commented except the fact he took pictures of me and a gas station like a stalker and then lied to his commanders I gave him my id needless to say I was a passenger not a driver could not get the police report on the stop and no one here wants to repremand these offers, I had a torn rotater cuff and when I got to jail my arm was black and blue I had bruises on my arms from the cuffs and the officers stated to me he can do What ever he wants. I'm been trying for over a year to get on disability and still have not been approved and I need help paying for a lawyer and pay for my shoulder surgery because I have a deductible so asking for help please 

Organized by

Christina Stevens

Kansas City, KS, USA