About this fundraiser

I really never had to do something like this before but have no choice. My fiance is a DSW for my disabled sister who is only 51yrs old, her truck is 20yrs old and not worth putting more money into. Her job as a DSW depends on a reliable vehicle to get her to and from work, bring my sister to doctors, and also myself to doctors as well. My sister ended up in the hospital bout a yr ago, stayed in different hospitals along with rehabs to learn how to walk again so my fiance had to pick up 2 other clients with a pay cut just to make ends meet. My fiance works 54hrs a week with only 1 day off and her vehicle is the only one we have for the entire household so everyone depends on it. Last year my fiance had to drive 2 hours a day for work while my sister was in the hospital. My fiance's hours were cut almost in half but she made it work. My fiance still takes care of my sister and her needs on her days off as well. My sister was in the hospitals and rehapbs for 5 months so my fiance lost thousands of dollars with the pay/hours cut she took. My sister along with myself n our other roommate is disabled as well so my fiance pays a majority of our household expenses. My godson who is only 2yrs old also lives with usas well. I'm not asking for much and I hate asking for a handout cause I know it's hard times for everyone right now but every dollar adds up. I know it's asking a lot but with this money we can put it towards reliable transportation to help not only my sister but help my dad and our household as well get to where we need to go without having to worry how to get there. Thank y'all for y'all time n God bless each and everyone! 

Organized by

Myine Derouen

Abbeville, Louisiana, USA